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Ritek DVD-R Media RiDATA 1x-8x G05 - Silver 4.7GB V2 for General PC Drives or Home DVD Recorders, in spindles at Big Discounts

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Ritek DVD-R Media RiDATA 1x-8x G05 - Silver 4.7GB V2 for General PC Drives or Home DVD Recorders, in spindles

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200 Pak, 11 lbs - $ 82.00     (Unit Cost - $ 0.41000 ea)
600 Pak, 31 lbs - $ 228.00     (Unit Cost - $ 0.38000 ea)
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Guaranteed Authentic Ritek Product
Genuine Ritek RiDATA Quality 1X to 8X DVD-R G05 Disc - In Stock, Ready-to-Ship!
RITEK quality, most compatible high speed blank DVDs for today's fastest burners -- their genuine Ritek G05 DVD-R discs, tested for compatibility and now included in most major brand DVD burner firmware upgrades. Fully 1X, 2X, 4X and 8X write speed certified, 4.7GB single sided, with a blank top surface. Silver top blank surface, without imprinting, over Ritek's own red-purple color dye on the bottom writing side. Features the newest Version 2.0 general purpose format.

Ritek 8x DVD-R General (minus) Media Compatibility

  • LG GSA-4081B 1x-4x speed, using firmware A104
  • LG GSA-4082B 1x-8x speed, using firmware A106
  • LG GSA-4120B 1x-4x speed, using firmware A101
  • NEC ND-2500A 1x-4x speed, using firmware 1.07
  • NEC ND-2510A 1x-4x speed, using firmware 2.15
  • OptoRite DD-0401 1x-8x speed, using firmware 160E
  • OptoRite DD-0405 1x-8x speed, using firmware 160E
  • OptoRite DD-1203 1x-8x speed, using firmware 110E
  • Panasonic LF-M621 1x-4x speed, using firmware F100
  • Panasonic SW-9583 1x-4x speed, using firmware B100
  • Pioneer DVR-A06 1x-4x speed, using firmware 1.08
  • Pioneer DVR-A07 LxA 1x-8x speed, using firmware 1.18
  • Pioneer DVR-A08/108 1x-12x speed, using original firmware
  • Plextor Px-708A 1x-4x speed, using firmware 1.07
  • Plextor Px-712A 1x-8x speed, using firmware 1.03
  • SONY DUR-530A 1x-8x speed, using firmware 2.1b
  • SONY DUR-540A 1x-8x speed, using firmware 1.0a
  • SONY DUR-700A 1x-8x speed, using firmware VY05
  • TDK AID+440N 1x-4x speed, using firmware 1.0c
  • TDK AID+840G 1x-4x speed, using firmware 1.07
  • TDK AID+880N 1x-4x speed, using firmware 1.34
  • Download bigger PDF listing of Ritek -R/-RW Compatible Computer DVD Writer Drives
  • Download bigger PDF listing of Ritek -R/-RW Compatible Stand Alone Home DVD Recorders

Recommended software -- Download the FREE 30-day trial of Nero or later from Home Page

SPEED NOTE -- Be sure to upgrade your firmware to the latest official firmware releases available to maximize your drive's compatibility with more disc brands, and also to ensure that your DVDs will play with fewer errors on stand alone DVD players. Ritek's 8x-1x discs fall back to slower speed when 8X is not possible. Packaging in cake box, top hat or spindle stacks by Ritek.


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