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Dual Layer DVD+R Media, COMPATIBLE WITH XBOX360, Dual Layer 8.5GB 2.4X Speed DVD+R (Double Layer DVD+R Disc), 8.5 GB total data capacity for 4 hours, 240-minutes of video on single sided two layer disc at Big Discounts

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Dual Layer DVD+R Media, COMPATIBLE WITH XBOX360, Dual Layer 8.5GB 2.4X Speed DVD+R (Double Layer DVD+R Disc), 8.5 GB total data capacity for 4 hours, 240-minutes of video on single sided two layer disc

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100 Pak, 6 lbs - $ 99.00     (Unit Cost - $ 0.99000 ea)
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Blank Silver Surface
Ready for Your Labels or Thermal Heat Transfer Printing
with Direct-to-Disc Thermal CD/DVD Printers

COMPARE at Retail in other stores to $9.99!
These high quality blank discs will perform well with most dual layer or double layer type DVD burners, such as those listed below. While they are certified at 2.4x speed writing, some burners such as the NEC ND-3500A can burn these discs at up to 4x speed. They are backed by our 30 Day Product Exchange Warranty.

Our Best Dual Layer 8.5gb (4 hour) DVD+R Compatibility

  • Download Complete PC Burner Compatibility List PDF
  • BenQ DW-830A, using firmware B4C8 at 2.4x speed
  • ASUS DRW-1604P, using firmware 1.18 at 2.4x speed
  • BenQ DW-830A, using firmware B4C8 at 2.4x speed
  • BenQ DW-1600A, using firmware B5G9 at 2.4x speed
  • BenQ DW-1620A, using firmware B7T9 at 2.4x speed
  • BTC DRW-1016IM, using firmware A07M at 2.4x speed
  • Gigabyte GO-W1608A, using firmware B8S2 at 2.4x speed
  • HP DVD-530i, using firmware VPS8 at 2.4x speed
  • HP DVD-630i, using firmware 9H11 at 2.4x speed
  • LG GSA-4120B, using firmware A115 at 2.4x speed
  • LG GSA-4160B, using firmware A302 at 2.4x speed
  • LG GSA-4163B, using firmware A102 at 2.4x speed
  • Liteon SOHW-832S, using firmware VS0E at 2.4x speed
  • Liteon SOHW-1633S, using firmware BS0S at 2.4x speed
  • Liteon SOHW-1653S, using firmware CS09 at 2.4x speed
  • Liteon SOHW-1673S, using firmware JVx speed1 at 4x speed
  • MSI DR-16B, using firmware M1.4 at 2.4x speed
  • NEC ND-3500A, using firmware 2.18 at 2.4x speed
  • Nutech DDW-163, using firmware G7P9 at 2.4x speed
  • Optorite DD-1601, using firmware 16AF at 4x speed
  • Plex speedtor Px speed-716A, using firmware 1c04 at 4x speed
  • Pioneer DVR-A08, using firmware 1.18 at 2.4x speed

As always with new products, be sure your DVD burner has the latest firmware. Newest firmware will have improved settings for more different brands of blank DVD+R and DVD-R discs. This can significantly improve your overall drive performance and disc compatibility. See our "Check Your Burner" Page for links to latest official firmware updates from most DVD burner manufacturers, or see your own manufacturer's support web pages. Also, be sure to check your software's web support pages to see if they have a new update to download. Older software versions may not support these new DL 8.5 Dual Layer Plus DVD+R discs.

Tested Compatible Software

  • Recommended - Nero or newer
    Download new major update 6.6x at
  • DVDDecrypter (latest versions)
  • Nero, Nero, and Nero
  • CopyToDVD


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